Future proofing the service industry through Jeeves

Jeeves is service robot designed to meet the needs of hotel guests and hoteliers. ui/deation was appointed to help Robotise develop an easy-to-use interface for the guests and hotel staff.

Client: Robotise GmbH
Function: UX Design, UI Design
Duration: Ongoing
Team: ui/deation, 3 people
Client Website: robotise.eu


Back in 2017, we kicked off with a ‘roboter journey’ workshop with the clients to identify all the key interactions Jeeves needed to make with humans, or humans could make with Jeeves. The biggest challenge to overcome to ensure that Jeeves could continue to function as usual even when it is travelling between hotel floors where it could be susceptible to unpredictable turn of events.


My team and I designed a modular interface for the roboter, as well as the sale interface that allowed users to buy items from Jeeves, similar to an experience at a mini bar. In order to verify the success of the concept & interface, we were roped into the shadowing process where Jeeves was successfully tested in a Munich hotel.


Today, Jeeves is widely used in hotels around Munich and continues to expand around Germany. I am proud to be one of the pioneers to help develop Jeeves interactions with humans and look forward to future opportunities to develop other robotic interfaces for healthcare and logistics.