Creating a modern big screen experience for ProSieben

Following the success of, ui/deation was handpicked by ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH to work on their suite of big screen Apps as the lead UX agency.

Client: ProSiebenSat.1 Digital GmbH
Function: UX Design, UI Design
Duration: Ongoing
Team: ui/deation, 2 people
Client Website:


ProsiebenSat1 Group has a diverse range of channels that are suited for different types of audiences; from Prosieben targeting at younger audience to Sat.1 Gold targeting at a more mature group. The variety has made it twice as challenging because each channel’s app requires a dedicated bespoke UX & UI solution which is best suited each of the target audience usage needs.


Being the lead designer on, I have the privilege to be chosen to work closely with the developer, product owner and the ui/deation UX designer for HbbTV on an overall app refreshment which had been stagnant since 2015.

In order to stand out from the crowded marketplace, I dived deep into the use cases of each app to truly understand what worked and what didn’t. The insight led me to develop a design that places the main focus on live-tv as this is the main use case for all apps, with the catching up on missed content coming right after. This idea was well received by the product owner. The new & improved version came to fruition and continues to garner strong cut through amongst the users.


Currently, I am working on new exciting features to further improve the app to ensure it delivers the best experience possible to all of our 3.5 million users.