Establishing an ‘Entertainment’ Design System across ProSiebenSat.1 Group

In a short span of three years, Exaring AG rose to become the IPTV market leader in Germany, establishing their service available across five platforms.

Client: Exaring AG
Function: UX Design, UI Design
Duration: Late 2017 to late 2018
Team: ui/deation, 2 people
Client Website:

A explanation video of on of the main features: the swipe to the smart tv or fire tv stick and the option to watch on two screens simultaneously, which was a challenge we had to face in the UX design.


ui/deation contributed to their success by being the UX and UI design team which is also responsible for the brand development of My main responsibility within the team is to lead the UI design, which required daily contact with the UX development team and key product owners.

I started off managing the development of the marketing Website and eventually got appointed to become the lead UI Designer for all products. Some notable works include development of all the new Features across multiple platforms: iOS & Android (Tablet and Smartphone), FireTV, as well as the Web Product which was produced from ground zero up under my visual lead. My greatest satisfaction was being able to maintain a consistent design across platforms, whilst ensuring the functional integrity of each platform is not compromised and being a strong part of the SCRUM process along with the developers. We always worked in a sprint 0, so when our Designs where finished, they could move into the developer sprint.


Being part of the client team extension allows me to work on-site to build close working relationships with key product owners and developers. The trust fostered in turn allowed me to own the entire design process from end to end; facilitating SCRUM meetings and hosting workshops that are essential for progressive development of across all platforms.

Result success is further recognised by Wiso, the german consumer information tv-series, who named them the best IPTV provider because of their ease-of-use.

Most recently, I successfully onboarded a new design team, who are enthusiastically working on the O2 rollout of the branded version of across all platforms, which I prepared the designs for.