Connecting knowledge globally for BCG

I worked for The Boston Consulting Group and assisted in pitching their digital expertise to their clients, from German medium-sized companies to global industry leading companies.

Client: The Boston Consulting Group
Function: UX Design, UI Design
Duration: 2016 to late 2017
Team: funct, 2 people
Client Website:


My core duties include developing a custom made CMS which allows users to quickly create digital experiences, HTML5 animations and assisted in the UX conceptualization and client presentations.

One of the highlight of my time with Funct was the roll out of a unified CMS for The Boston Consulting Group, which is a concept that enables users to to easily search and acquire the knowledge they need across their entire database to utilise it on their digital presentation to clients.


We rolled out a concept for the client team and different teams from different knowledge bases inside of BCG that allows all internal teams to communicate and share knowledge with each other as easily as possible.

It consisted of a tile metaphor for the visual language which in the backend we made a modular and expendable design that can be built upon. I mainly designed the front and backend in Sketch and constructed some of the UX concepts in the backend.


The concept was considered a great success with the team at BCG and won funding at their internal pitch event.